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Best Books for Beginners in Networking

What are the best books to read for a beginner in Computer Networking?

This brief article is responding to one of the most asked questions here at KBTRAININGS.

First of all, you might already have my opinion on books from this video I published on YouTube. I think the biggest book you have in your hands is the internet. You can Google any topics you want and any technology to get all the details about it. I also understand that before doing your research, you need to know what you are looking for. That is why one of the best ways to get started is to study for a certification exam. Certification will structure the information for you and will help you put together all the small pieces.

The two certifications that I recommend are:

  1. CompTIA Network+

When I started my certification journey, the Network+ was the first exam that I studied for and passed it after 2 failed attempts. This exam is good and will teach you a lot about Networking. But I don’t recommend it since it is very theoretical since it is trying to be vendor neutral, that is why I recommend the CCNA to start. More information on the Net+ can be found on CompTIA’s website.

  1. Cisco Certified Networking Associate (CCNA).

The CCNA might be too much for a beginner but it is doable and worth it. You can learn all you need to start your journey and you also can learn by practicing on Cisco devices or virtually in Packet Tracer. I am recommending books that are covering these 2 certifications. You can pick one or both of these 2 exams and start studying today. Check out the CCNA 200-301 on Cisco Learning Network official page.

Here are the books that I would recommend:



In addition to these books, you need to be in a learning mindset:

  • Read as much as you can from different sources
  • Do your Labs as much as possible (Packet Tracer is good)
  • Watch YouTube channels and follow people that are talking about Networking.

Click here to access my CCNA course (videos).

Thank you for reading!


Here is the YouTube Video on this topic:

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